God of War

God of War Enhanced Performance Update Arrives Tomorrow

If you’ve been bidding your time for a PS5 update for God of War then your patience will be rewarded as the PlayStation 5 enhanced performance patch is dropping tomorrow, Sony Santa Monica Studio announced.

Currently, the only enhancements that PS5 can take advantage of are the PS4 Pro enhancements, which include the option to choose from two performance modes that favour either performance or resolution. The upcoming update will replace this with a new performance mode that offers PS5 players the best to both worlds for performance and resolution on 4K devices.

I don’t know why you’d want but the update will also give PS5 players to select an ‘Original Performance Experience’, which will let you run the game at 30 FPS in a 4K checkered resolution. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, God of War is already free as part of the PlayStation collection; so download it now so you can be ready when the PS5 update is ready tomorrow.