God Of War On PlayStation 4 Had DLC But Was Too Ambitious

God of War

Lots of us played last year’s phenomenal soft-reboot of God of War, that’s just the facts according to the sales numbers out there. And for good reason, the game was spectacular and ended up being my pick for Game of the Year. Santa Monica Studios reinvigorated the brand with engaging and exciting new gameplay, a new world to explore, and lots to see and complete in terms of sidequests and bosses. In fact, the game shipped with no downloadable content on the horizon, and for good reason too, because I feel like the game we got was complete.

Turns out, Cory Barlog did indeed have plans for downloadable content, and according to him, it was pretty ambitious for what it was. Speaking to Greg Miller on his GameOverGreggy show on YouTube, Barlog spoke about how he had a “fun idea” in mind for possible DLC. Of course, Cory is an ambitious individual and his idea proved to be “too ambitious,” and that the content was similar to what was found in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and The Last of Us: Left Behind. Games which are known to be their own games and not tacked onto their known franchises.

However it ended up not happening isn’t an issue, but let’s hope we see those ideas he had implemented into a sequel. I’m curious o know all about what Barlog had planned and was ultimately deemed too big for DLC.


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