God Eater 3 Details

God Eater 3 Release Details And Features Announced

Today Bandai Namco announced details pertaining to the release of the upcoming monster-slaying action RPG. The latest installment in the series is confirmed to have a release on the PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam).

Assets were also released for the game that highlights various features in the game such as the Ashlands region and Ash Aragami, Adaptive God Eaters, as well as the Biting Edge and Ray Gun, new types of God Arcs.

The Ashlands are described as unhabitable regions that have forced the former residents to seek refuge underground in shelters called Ports. The Ashlands are now home to fierce new Ash Aragami such as Anubis and Ra, a challenge fit for a God Eater.

The new Adaptive God Eaters are closer to Aragami than they are to God Eaters meaning they’re tougher and provide more of a challenge in combat. Hugo Pennywort is one of the new Adaptive God Eaters. The man is a quick-witted and substantial leader. Hugo was once very close to the protagonist.

The Biting Edge God Arc, a dual-bladed weapon that thrives on quick slashes and stabbing attacks, and the Ray Gun, an extremely strong ranged attack that requires precise timing, rounds out the new types of God Arcs in the game.