Go Ask Dad Returns With A Great Video

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Gillette’s Go Ask Day celebration to honor our Fathers returns and this year with “Go Ask Dad,” a short video about our dads.

In a recent study conducted by Gillette, in fact, in a recent survey conducted by Gillette, 84% of guys say their go-to source for information is their phone; only 13% turn to their dad.

That’s something I’ve been guilty of, but luckily not often as my dad has always been one to give me advice without even having to ask. It’s a great thing to have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal, even better when it’s your father.

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Check it out, this year’s video is better than last year, which felt more like a Q and A, this year the video melded tech and family into a genius idea, the result is below and you might want to watch alone. In the dark. I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Be good your father, he’s your best friend and everything else you need him to be. Growing up we’re given the impression that what our parents know is wrong, it isn’t, thought and the knowledge we can acquire by simply listening will benefit ourselves and the future generations of each family.

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