Go Ask Dad Is One An Awesome Campaign From Gillette


Father’s Day is this weekend – and right now is the time to consider picking something for your dad. It’s a commercial day sure, but, why doesn’t your father deserve a thoughtful gift at the same time? Spoil your parents as much as you I say.

With Gillette’s latest campaign, it is all about the bond between father and son. Kids and teenagers have become very distant these days – the internet has become whatever kids need these days for comfort. It’s the opposite of what older generations faced, instead looking to their elders for guidance and not the anonymous faces of the internet.

94% of teenagers ask the Internet for advice before their dads. On Father’s Day we wanted to change that. To show the power of dads we pitted dad versus the internet. The results proved that this Father’s Day you should go ask dad.

That’s a high percentage by any account. Both your parents can offer you a wealth of advice, and I can tell you that as I’ve gotten older their opinion is the most important on major things that I want a second opinion on. Good stuff Gillette, your campaigns rock!