Dead Space 1

Glen Schofield Talks About Talks About The Development Of Dead Space

Glen Schofield, the creator and director of Dead Space, speaks about the development of Dead Space, the importance of sound design from early on, how they wanted to make the scariest game of all time, the importance of innovation, and the struggles the team faced while executing the plan with the drag tentacle. There is so much great information here about Dead Space, especially for fans such as myself as Dead Space is one of my favourite games of all time. To conclude the video, Glen speaks about loving Dead Space so much that ,” hopefully he will be able to make of those games again,” was very interesting as he recently has parted with Activision, having made three successful Call of Duty titles as co-founder of Sledgehammer Games. He is going to take a break before continuing to work on something new and exciting. Please let it be Dead Space 4, a terrifying experience created from his vision.