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Gillette’s Father’s Day Pack Is A Gift Every Dad Can Appreciate

Shaving has always been a passage of rite between father’s and sons, it signals a growing bond between them. You’ve seen this in a magnitude of television shows and movies, and corny commercials but it is something that means a lot to any father.


This year is a great time to start a new tradition by grabbing your dad a Gillette razor but not just any razor, this is the best Gillette has made so far, and you know how often dad shaves, right? Why not get him one that does all he needs and more with the Limited Edition Gillette Fusion ProShield pack which includes the Dusion ProShield razor and Sensitive Shave Gel.


Featuring a sleek white handle with that feels as smooth as a freshly unboxed smartphone, this limited edition Gillette Fusion ProShield razor looks as good as it performs. The handle features Gillette’s FlexBall technology which helps to reduce missed hairs with every stroke; and attached to the handle are Fusion ProShield blades which help shield his face from the signs of shaving irritation.

In addition to the premium handle and Gillette’s best blades, The Limited Edition Gillette Fusion ProShield pack includes Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive Shave Gel + Skin Care because Gillette’s best shave starts by preparing his skin, before the first shaving stroke.