Gillette Wingman: Pack It All In!

Hello wingmen! So today is a new topic that very few people I know have ever done – we’re discussing backpacking! I personally have never done anything like this, but I know some of my friends have and they told me how great of an experience and journey you can experience. I will be in Europe this summer, so I hope to take some time to myself and get to experience what I’ve been told is very enlightening. 0

To get started, our loyal friend, Gillette Wingman, has some tips to get us up and running:

  • Pack lightly and boil down what you need to the bare essentials.
  • Vaccinations! This is essential.
  • Bring your phone and get a tablet to keep track of where you are, are going, and will go.
  • Passport and all essential documents to get through borders.
  • Bring money and keep a spare credit card on your person.
  • A backpack that fits your frame and isn’t too big or too small.
  • Toiletries – never forget these!

I’ve asked my friends what they thought of to include as some great tips for this week’s article, and what I was told was: to be social and interact with others who are backpacking, too. Keep your backpack with you at all times and make sure to never travel alone unless you’re sure it is safe to do so.   We still have a lot to talk about both here on Console Creatures and on TheWingman.ca!

This post is sponsored by Gillette, all views and opinions expressed are those of Console Creatures.

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