Gillette Wingman Video Series: Moves Like No Other

We are on our last video and we could not be sadder about it, for the past few months Gillette Wingman has been inspiring and optimizing us to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

From how to approach women, to wearing shorts and even being a good sport, we have had the honour of learning with Gillette Wingman.

This is his final piece of advice for us and it can’t have come at a better time – summer! Everyone’s done school and looking to work and socialize with their peers. Finding the right balance of sport and class is meant for summer!

Innovation is the name of the game, keeping up with what’s new and what works will help in the long run. Latest trends in clothing, shoes, gear and more isn’t a necessity – but does help having some knowledge on these items.

This past week Gillette released their best razor ever. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall and what a stellar blade.

A clean shave in the summer helps keep cool and fresh whether you’re on the courts playing basketball, on the fields playing soccer or in a bar meeting people.

This leads me to say thanks for following the Gillette posts since the beginning and the emails I received in regards to those posts. Some positive responses in regards to the content and somehow I feel like we helped a lot of people.

Just remember what we discussed and you’ll be fine! If you do need a reminder though you can always revisit these articles or visit MSN Him for more tips on how-to’s for men!

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This post is sponsored by Gillette, all views and opinions expressed are those of Console Creatures.


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