Gillette Wingman: Manscaping


We’re Manscaping. We are Manscaping. We are Manscaping. This is a big issue and one that needs to be addressed head on and without any judgments. We all have hair on our bodies and it’s only human. The thing is that we’ve become accustomed to hair free on our bodies.

The issue I have with this is, we shouldn’t have to be hairless, that isn’t natural and it can unappealing when you see zero hair on yourself.

First thing is first – if you are going down this path, then be aware that once you start you need to upkeep your appearance. Every so often you will need to trim and maintain your body hair.

Second – just like Gillette Wingman said, buy the right tools! You need to buy a razor that can give you the best and smoothest shave. I personally use unscented soap but a good shaving gel can do better on the hair. The most important step is to apply lotion after to avoid a razor burn; it can be inevitable and rather irritant.


Third – shave in the shower! Grab a mirror for the shower and go to town on that hair, there are mirrors that are fog-resistant mirrors you can get that make shaving in the shower a game changer!

Forth – know your body and accept that each body is different. Hair grows differently for each of us and it is best to know how to be the most effective when grooming your own body.


Our Wingman Rainbow Sun Francks (from Stargate Atlantis and CTV’s hit TV show The Listener) adds his two cents:

Grooming is tough but it is worth it! We do these things for ourselves and for our ladies. When grooming be sure to shave with the hair and not against it unless you like in-grown hairs! Lather and let the gel settle before you attempt to shave, this will help to soften the hair and make it easier to get a good shave.

Please post any tips you have in the comments and stick around.

We still have a lot to talk about both here and on thewingman.ca

This post is sponsored by Gillette, all views and opinions expressed are those of Console Creatures.

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  • Tess
    8 May 2014 at 10:41 PM
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    Yes a man with good tools is essential! I approve of manscaping…love a nice n neat man <3

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