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GW Live By Example

Today we’re discussing something I know we’ve all been through and continually go through each and every week. It only gets worse as we get older too, because naturally by design humans are lazy. Today we’re dealing with going out into the world and living!

I know for a fact that my friends and their friends and all of our friends love to sit around and lounge. Watching a movie on Netflix or playing some videogames, whatever gets your jollies!




This can only go far though – we need to go out into the world and explore all the land has to offer us.

Gillette Wingman is a fountain of knowledge and he’s encouraging us to take the lead and make the plans for your group. By taking the lead you are setting the mood for the night.

GW up your game

Our Wingman Rainbow Sun Francks (from Stargate Atlantis and CTV’s hit TV show The Listener) adds his two cents:

I agree that by taking charge you set the mood for the night, but, by doing so you should take responsibility for how safe your friends will be. Don’t take them into scenarios that will end up with anyone hurt or worse. Have fun out on the town and be safe with whatever you do out your door!

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”
― L.M. Montgomery

We still have a lot to talk about both here and on thewingman.ca

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