Gillette Father’s Day Event With Curtis Joseph

On Saturday June 14th, to celebrate both the launch of the Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall release and Father’s Day, Gillette held a meet and greet with retired former Maple Leaf, Curtis “Cujo” Joseph at Walmart in Square One.

The event was held from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM and had a great turnout. Console Creatures was there to cover the event and meet the man himself!

I walked into the store not knowing what to expect and how busy it would be, and it was fairly busy to see Curtis Joseph.

The Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall was selling well too I noticed as I walked through aisles to get event at the heart of the store. Displays were empty of product and were being restocked as I reached the shootout simulator.

People were buzzing with excitement as I made my way through them and I couldn’t help but start smiling like a kid again. Growing up my two favourite goalies were Felix Potvin and Curtis Joseph – I forgot how much I loved hockey growing up.

The day consisted of a meet and greet with Cujo and a chance to show off your moves in a custom built hockey shoot out simulator courtesy of Gillette. The lines were long and everyone was excited to get a chance to show off what they were made of.

Finally my chance to show off came and I… didn’t do too well. I fear hockey is a sport that is beyond me but Cujo got a laugh out of it and took a picture with me anyway.

I shook his hand and made my way through the crowd lined up to take a shot at the shootout simulator.

The event itself had so many people smiling cheek to cheek at having a chance to meet a local legend and have some time to say hello and show what they can do on the ice.

I couldn’t be more thankful to Gillette for having Curtis Joseph at Walmart. And I was ecstatic that my father loves his new Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall I bought him for Father’s Day.




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