Gift Jeenie Takes The Guessing Out Of Gifts

giftjeenieWe have to support our local start-ups! Gift Jeenie is exactly that, an app that’s going to help you pick and choose gifts for those in your life.

Gift Jeenie is simple to use – by simply creating lists and being able to share them with your friends and family.

James might like new Blu-rays, while Nick may want the newest FIFA or NHL game from EA. With Gift Jeenie, they can add these things to their lists and then share them, by adding them from online retailers.


Gift Jeenie is on a mission to perfect the art of gift giving through its social gifting app which helps users in Canada and the United States create and share wish lists, and take the guessing out of giving.

“Let’s face it, dropping hints hasn’t exactly been the most effective way to let people know what’s really on your wish list,” said Gerard Maynard, co-founder.  “Gift Jeenie wants to bring back the joy in gift giving and receiving by making it easy and shareable.”

Gift Jeenie differs from other registries and gifting apps by enabling users to create wish lists and add items from any online retailer. The app is for all those people who have given or received items that weren’t quite right

Product Features

  • Download the app to your iPhone, iPad or Android device and create your wish list using the in-app browser, add items from Amazon or any on-line retailer.
  • Create and share your wish lists using WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or E-mail.
  • Avoid duplicate gifts with the app’s unique feature that shows which gifts have already been claimed or granted.
  • Get gift ideas from Gift Jeenie’s Trend section and see what family and friends are adding in social, what items are trending in gifting circles or see what your friends and family have added to their lists.
  • Record or write personalized gifting or thank you videos and messages.