Ghostrunner gamescom 2019 Demo Is All Cyberpunk-y

From publisher, All In Games comes a new cyberpunk gamed called Ghostrunner. Revealed during this year’s gamescom 2019, the first-person game is in development over at One More Level, a studio known for games such as God’s Trigger and Deadlings. 

In a press release, we get the gist of what the game is about and learn that you play as warrior ninja.

“Climb a great tower-city, humanity’s last remaining shelter. Slay your enemies as your blade slices through trouble while delivering bone-crushing one-hit kills. Bullet-time mechanics give you an edge in fast combat. Fight both in the physical world and in cyberspace as you run across walls and slow downtime. As you advance up the tower, secrets are revealed. When you realize that you’re being hunted for the tech under your skin, the clock starts ticking on a race to uncover the mystery behind the structure. Solve the riddle or be killed—there is no other option.”

No release date for Ghostrunner but certainly something in 2020 looks likely. We’ll keep an eye out on progress because this looks like a fun romp through dystopia.