Ghostface From Scream Is Your Next Killer In Dead By Daylight

I hope you like scary movies! Today, during a mid-chapter update for the survival-horror game Dead by Daylight, the developer accidentally revealed the next killer coming to their game. Ghostface from the Scream series joins as a playable character and it wasn’t long after the incident that the studio devs fessed up it and embraced the excitement of the community! It’s a nice scenario playing out in a positive way. I’m really excited to see how Ghostface stands up to the likes of Michael Myers, Leatherface, and Freddy Krueger – all of who are playable in Dead by Daylight.



This is a pretty cool character, one that I was terrified of when I was younger (and for good reason!) so it is nice to see all these iconic horror icons all in one video game.


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