Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Brings New Spirit With Second Free DLC

IllFonic, ain’t afraid of free DLC. 

The second costless content pack for their 4v1 hunt or haunt action-packed hide-and-seek video game Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed on April 20th, 2023.

First, something strange is happening in The Courthouse — the latest map has been added!

Instead of run-of-the-mill parking ticket disputes and murder trials, decades of dark practices and paranormal contact have made the courthouse a hotbed for ghost activity. Experience a connected web of Halls, offices, and courtrooms meant to make sure you win the game… and maybe a trial or two!

The new Possessor Ghost Type offers unique abilities and the Ultimate Possession to take over civilians and even Busters! Possess your way to victory!

If Ultimate Possession doesn’t scare you, let me introduce you to the Drudges — new AI ghosts summoned by Tobin. These helpful little haunters disperse through the building to scare humans. Busters would be wise to focus on eliminating these spectral aides. But be vigilant because the Ghost can use the rifts to spawn more!

If you aren’t terrified yet, it’s time to get to the Trap Minions — a new Minion Ability where the Ghost can hide a single Minion as a trap mine. Plant the Trap Minion on the ground or inside of objects, and it will spring to un-life when its stasis field is tripped and latch onto the unsuspecting victim!

There are a number of new Buster cosmetics and gear shells inspired by the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon series unlockable through various Side Hustles and Research Contracts. The team also has new footwear, skirts, kilt bottoms, and several makeup styles. Shirt logos can now be used on appropriate tops.

Finally, there are new quality-of-life improvements to the gear upgrade menu, Ghosts and Busters, bug fixes, and general balances.