Ghost Recon Wildlands Will Feature Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher

With Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands now in its second year, Ubisoft is continuing to focus on supporting the game with more content. While I myself wasn’t a fan of Wildlands, a game that really left no impression on me, Ubisoft has done something interesting to shift focus back on the game by including Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell in Wildlands – and Michael Ironside set to return, too.

Beginning tomorrow, “Special Operation I: Splinter Cell,” will be available to everyone who owns Wildlands. Being a Ubisoft property, expect tons of in-game cosmetic items to be able to use as part of the limited event for use on your character. There is one small caveat though, while Sam is permanently in the game, the cosmetic items will only be available for one month. Those who decide to get these items after May 16 will be out of luck, and will not gain access to the cosmetic bonuses.

As an added bonus, this weekend will see Ghost Recon Wildlands be free to play from April 12 – April 15, so you’ll be able to play the entire game, the multiplayer, and this special event for free.