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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Everything We’ve Learned

Ubisoft has announced the next phase in the Ghost Recon series: Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Acting as a direct follow up to Ubisoft’s 2017 Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a story-driven narrative continuing the story of Nomad and his fellow Ghost operations unit as they take down a looming threat on the world. Breakpoint is being developed by Ubisoft Paris.

Ghost Recon Wildlands reeled in the focus on futuristic settings and weaponry for a more grounded, modern shooter experience. Since Breakpoint takes place in the near future expect the Ghost Recon series to take a few steps back into the franchise’s bread and butter. We had the chance to sit in on a pre-briefing with Ubisoft as they detailed the announcement and features to expect in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

The Story

GhostReconBreakpoint Nomad

Following the events of Ghost Recon Wildlands in Bolivia, Breakpoint picks up roughly three years in the future. Ex-Ghosts, otherwise known as Wolves have infiltrated Skell Technology. Skell Technology, founded by Jace Skell is an engineering company, is developing advanced hardware for military and civilian use. The Wolves have systematically reprogrammed Skell tech in order to assassinate world leaders amongst other atrocities. Ghost leader Nomad and his unit are ordered to infiltrate the island of Auroa, home of Skell Technology, to strip The Wolves of their power and reclaim control over Skell Technology’s vehicles and drone swarm.

As Nomad and company approach Auroa, their helicopters are shot down and crash onto the island. Without communication to HQ, the Ghosts have no contact or briefings to their mission. They must establish their presence and it is up to the players to formulate a plan and take out the Wolves.

Who Are The Wolves?

GhostReconBreakpoint Wolves

The Wolves are a cutthroat militia group. Although their exact origins are kept a bit of a mystery, Ghost Recon Wildlands’ latest DLC update bridges the two games and narratives.

On May 2nd, Ubisoft launched a brand new update: Operation Oracle. It introduces a new Ghost team leader named Cole D. Walker played by The Walking Dead and The Punisher’s Jon Bernthal. The new piece of DLC brings two new missions which introduce us to Walker as Nomad and his team are sent to rescue a Skell Technology engineer held captive in Bolivia.

The Breakpoint trailer reveals that Walker has since gone rogue and has formed the Wolves after the events of Operation Oracle. Walker is now the alpha-dog of the Wolves unit.  Wolves are now in control of a line of drones that are able to swarm together like bats out of a cave. In addition, Wolves have taken over the Island of Auroa and the military vehicles located on the island. Bernthal provided mo-cap in addition to recording his own dialogue for the new game.

What We Learned About Ghost Recon Breakpoint

GhostReconBreakpoint Carry


Ubisoft Paris notes that Ghost Recon Breakpoint is being driven as a four-player experience, although players can play through the story-rich campaign solo. Ghost Recon Breakpoint focuses on players forging their own path and strategies. Without established comms, players are urged to make the decision to either go in loud and fast or take the stealth approach. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a narrative-focused game so expect hours of cutscenes to experience throughout the campaign.

Enemy AI is more sophisticated can be alerted easily. Using bushes, swimming and utilizing the night, players will need to avoid detection. A new “Prone Cover” mechanic sees Ghosts cover themselves in mud and sand to blend into their environment when available. Civilians inhabiting the island of Auroa can impact gameplay by alerting patrols if you are spotted.

Infiltrating compounds silently made be slightly easier this time around. Players are now able to breach fences, giving the Ghosts permanent access. Another new addition is the ability to carry the body of a fallen enemy or down teammate. If a teammate has fallen in the middle of a firefight, an ally can now move them to safety for healing. Downed enemies can be picked up and moved to avoid suspicion.

New weapons and fan-favourites will be featured. Weaponsmiths will have unlockable attachments available.

GhostReconBreakpoint Bivouac

Ubisoft has implemented “Bivouacs”. These act as camps for the Ghosts and are located around the map. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will feature four classes for players to specialize in. In between missions, players can rest up and swap between the four classes. Before heading to the next objective, you can eat, drink, and maintain your weapons. Buffs can also be applied at the Bivouacs. Bivouacs are also where the team will be able to select a time, day or night to head to the next objective.

Weather can affect gameplay. During a rainstorm, a member of the team may stumble, injuring his leg. This damage is permanent and will impact the speed and effectiveness of that player. Players will have the opportunity to heal and remedy the effects of an injury back at camp.

GhostReconBreakpoint Weather

Throughout Auroa, players will have access to roughly 30 drivable vehicles. Vehicles will once again range from aircraft to ground-controlled vehicles. Some will be armoured, while others will be more susceptible to damage as they are unarmoured.

As you explore the island, you and your squad will be able to find loot chests and downed enemies. Looting will reward players with new weapons and new customization options.

The fan favourite Sync Shot returns. Playing four-player co-op, all players can ping and line up separate targets and take them down simultaneously. Solo players can once again target four enemies and use up to three drones to silently take out a group of soldiers.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will launch with a full PVP mode right out of the gate. PVP multiplayer will unlock new items and customization option. Rewards will carry over to co-op and vice-versa as a shared progression system is implemented.

Post Launch

Ghost Recon Wildlands has been continuously supported over the last two years with 19 title updates. Although Ubisoft has not revealed a roadmap for Breakpoint, they did briefly outline their plans. While only four classes will be available at launch, expect more to follow in the post-launch calendar.

New story content is set to arrive following the official launch. Players can also look forward to a healthy amount of events to pop into as well. Ubisoft Paris has also told us that endgame raids will roll out four months after launch. Raids will expand the map and see players infiltrating new areas as they take out high-level enemies. Expect more information to be announced as we approach Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s launch.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set to launch on October 4th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.