Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima – State of Play Gameplay

Sucker Punch is ready to show Ghost of Tsushima and we got our best glimpse yet after today’s State of Play.

Can you believe the last game we saw from Sucker Punch was inFamous: First Light? I adored everything about that game and I’m eager to see everything Ghost of Tsushima has to offer today. The video embedded above features 18 minutes of information to understand and after watching the video a few times, I’m happy with everything Sucker Punch has shown off today.

Firstly, the way navigation works here is wonderful. Using the wind to locate your next location is a stroke of genius, leaving the screen devoid of any minimap or compass. At any moment, you’ll summon the wind at the press of a button and find your bearings. Next, you’ll call your horse but I’m unsure if you can do this anywhere or only in some contexts.

As the demo goes on, we see a fox we can interact with. Upon following the fox, the animal leads us to a shrine that is used to unlock charms, also each location serves as a fast travel location. As you get back onto the path, you can pick up bamboo and Yew Wood, likely for crafting purposes. Smokestacks offer sidequests and you’ll notice them as you’re moving across Japan.

Next is combat, which looks visceral and natural. I’m excited to see what I can come up with when facing off a group of enemies but the demo does a stellar job showcasing some of the skills Jin has at his disposal. If you prefer a stealth approach, don’t worry – Jin is also sneaky and can go in silently to decimate a camp using smoke bombs, fireworks and more.

Sucker Punch also confirmed that Jin is fully customizable. Players can change their armour (each offering attributes and various bonuses) and while out in the world can discover flowers the dye your clothes.

Lastly, Sucker Punch confirmed Photo Mode at launch which includes a black and white mode to recreate iconic Samurai duels found in old movies.

Ghost of Tsushima launches July 17, 2020.