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Are We Getting Another Guardians Of The Galaxy Game?

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A few days ago news broke that Square Enix and Marvel have teamed up for a multi-game deal. Now it looks as if Eidos Montreal is joining the party, with a Guardians of the Galaxy game. Rumors are that they have cancelled their next installment in their Deus Ex series so that they can work the comic book based game.

This will be the second Marvel game in Square Enix’s line up with an Avengers game in the works at Crystal Dynamics (Eidos is helping out too).  If this sounds a bit familiar, a couple months ago Telltale announced their own Guardians of the Galaxy game so yes, we may be getting TWO Guardians of the Galaxy games in the next couple of years!

The news was first reported over on this morning.  If we hear anything else we’ll be sure to update this article right away, so stay tuned!