Xbox Series S Toaster

Get Your Xbox Series S Toaster With Some Cream Cheese

Do you think your Xbox Series X minifridge was the only Xbox-branded appliance needed in your home? Microsoft knew you wanted more, so they made the Xbox Series S toaster.


Live on the Walmart website, a listing has appeared indicating you can get a 2-slice toaster for $39.99.

“Meet the Xbox Series S Toaster. This appliance will take your kitchen countertop to the next level. The shade selector dial lets you toast your bread, English muffins, frozen waffles, and bagels exactly how you like them every time, anywhere from lightly toasted to dark. Multiple family members or roommates? Keep a list of everyone’s settings to score the group breakfast bonus.

The countdown timer lets you know how much longer until your toast pops up. No more breakfast-induced jump scares or trying to spread butter on bread that’s already gone cold because you were trying to find a good save point. But wait—here’s more. It imprints the Xbox sphere logo on your bread while it’s heating it. It’s the next generation toasting console. Get yours today.”


The Xbox logo imprinted on your bread is a nice touch, but the real test is how well rye bread holds up when dialled to level 4 on the toaster and if the logo is visible. Other than that, this toaster seems like a gimmick for Xbox fans.

There is no official word on whether or not the Xbox Series S toaster is coming to Canada, but if it is anything like the minifridge, I expect we’ll see it a few months later.