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How to Get a Video Gaming Job Without Leaving Your Home

Imagine this. You wake up in your pajamas, rub your eyes and check your phone. It’s 11:30 AM and you’re not worried about being late for work, traveling through rush hour or the fact that it’s freezing outside. Instead, you slip on a pair of comfortable socks, turn the coffee machine on and sit in front of your PC to play some video games.

It sounds like the type of thing that a student or young adult would do on the weekends, but it’s become a job for many people around the world. There are hundreds of new job titles given to gamers who are talented or smart enough to provide services and products to gamers around the world. If you’re interested in making money through video games and staying in your pajamas the whole day, here are some career choices that might interest you.



Streaming refers to services like where gamers can sit in front of a camera and play video games for a living. Income is from donations, advertisements, and subscriptions. People that enjoy watching your content can pay a monthly fee to support you and in return, you can decide what special privileges they get such as being able to play games with you, adding them to social media or even give them a chance to win prizes.

Streaming requires a fast internet connection and a good quality computer that can broadcast video and run games at the same time. You don’t need to be an expert to broadcast your gameplay either. Many popular streamers have quirky or loud personalities that people can’t get enough of—it’s a bit like reality TV!



If you see yourself as an expert gamer then you might want to consider coaching. If you specialize in a particular game or genre of video games, then you can teach people and charge hourly rates to watch them play, give them advice and train with them. You’ll need to establish yourself as an expert, but there are many websites that are actively recruiting expert gamers as teachers.

You’ll need to set up payment services with the help of an eCommerce agency, but once it’s done you can forget about it and rake in the money while teaching people how to play.


If being live on camera doesn’t suit you, then you can turn to creating video content for the entire world. Record your gameplay using various types of software, edit the video with professional (or novice) tools and then upload it to YouTube for millions of people around the world to see. Build up a viewer base, make great video content and watch the revenue roll in.

Most of the money will come from advertisements but you might also be approached by game companies to advertise their games or even hardware manufacturers that want you to review or try out their new keyboards and gamepads. Becoming a YouTuber is a slow start and takes a lot of work, but it’s a business you can grow without ever leaving your home.