Get a Behind the Scenes Look at Fantasian

Mistwalker is hard at work on finishing up Fantasian, the upcoming RPG that is set to arrive on Apple Arcade (macOS, iOS, tvOS) later in 2021, and while we’ve seen how Hironobu Sakaguchi and the team have crafted hundred of dioramas to help bring the game to life, these new videos look at how the music is crafted.

The first of three videos focus on Kina’s Theme and what went into recording the track for the game.

In the second video, Nobuo Uematsu speaks about the process and how he recorded upwards of 60 tracks for Fantasian. It’s so good to see Sakaguchi and Uematsu working together again, it’s always like watching two craftsmen bring to life their work, and from what little we’ve heard, it seems just like they’ve never missed a beat. Uematsu provides his thoughts on the project as well and I highly recommend watching the video.

The third video released today is exactly what the title states: a piano solo played to illustrations of Fantasian