Geometric’s Cocoon Announced

Annapurna Interactive and Geometric Interactive were on-hand at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase yesterday with Cocoon, a new project from the minds of Limbo and Inside.

From what we know, Cocoon is a unique take on the puzzle adventure genre, where each world exists within an orb you can carry. The mechanic is being able to move between worlds and then combine them to solve puzzles. It is said from the press release that you’ll interact with alien environments and biomechanical devices left behind by an ancient civilization.

Each orb has an additional ability that you can unlock, turning it into a special tool to unlock more worlds, hidden pathways, and objects. There are also guardians you must face off against in every world with each encounter being unique.

COCOON will launch on Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in 2023.