Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Version 4.0 Launches The New Nation of Fontaine

The 4.0 version of Genshin Impact is bringing players a new nation on August 16th.

The nation of Fontaine is known as the Nation of Justice. It’s the hub of culture and art.

Waiting for you are vast landscapes full of World Quests, new NPCs and rich stories.

Learn how to dive underwater and discover lost areas where mysteries abound.

The Archon Quests continue in Fontaine, continuing the main story so far. 

Meet three new characters, Lyney, Lynette and Freminet, and take on two new bosses with unique attacks and movements.

In exciting real-world news Genshin Impact Game Art Exhibition “Endless Adventure in Teyvat: Fontaine Edition” will premiere on August 19 in New York, Paris, Taipei, and Tokyo before it becomes virtually available in 15 languages. Entrance to the Exhibitions is free, but reservations are still highly recommended. 

The exhibition goes behind the scenes with the development history of Fontaine, the Nation of Justice, from developers and artists. 

View hundreds of never-before-seen concept art, sketches, draft designs, developer notes, models, miniatures and figurines. 

Marvel at how talented the community is by taking in a variety of unofficial artwork by fan artists and content creators inspired by Fontaine.