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Genshin Impact Announces “Long Term” Anime Project Alongside Concept Trailer

With Animation Studio Known for the Fate Series Handling Production

At this point, Genshin Impact is already anime as it is but developer miHoYo is looking to bring its hit free-to-play game more into the medium by it becoming an actual anime with the announcement of a “long-term” anime project partnership. It isn’t all talk as the developer has released a three-minute concept trailer that gives fans a look at what kind of art and animation style they are striving for.

The major part of the announcement is definitely what animation studio is handling production on this anime project. It is none other than ufotable who might be better known for working on Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero anime series, films, and OVAs. These works are one of the most beautifully produced pieces of animation that successfully blends 2D and 3D animation seamlessly in an unnoticeable way to the viewer and that approach is definitely felt in the Genshin Impact Concept trailer which you can check out below.

Nothing was announced on what form this partnership will actually be produced, that is if Genshin Impact is getting an actual anime series or films which I’m kinda hoping for. At the same time wouldn’t be surprised if this will just lead to short marketing promos to help advertise the game more in a different medium. Let’s hope it’s the former rather than the latter as Genshin Impact lends itself more as an actual anime with so many characters in the game and another way to tell Genshin Impact‘s story while getting new fans into the series.