Gears 5 Is The Biggest Launch For Any Xbox Game Studio Title

Gears 5 is a massive success for both Xbox and The Coalition, after releasing to stellar critical and commercial success. I’ve been enjoying every minute of the sixth entry in the Gears series and have spent a fair amount of time working away at collectibles as well as multiplayer, which is now much more stable after a rocky start last week. This just proves how important the series is for Xbox in general, and how much console owners love the universe full of COG soldiers and the Swarm, eternally at arms against each other.

So I hope the news revealed today about Gears 5 having the best launch of any of the Xbox first-party titles doesn’t come as a surprise. The asterisk, of course, this figure pertains to being on the Xbox One, where three million players have been playing the game. Not bad at all! According to Xbox, “easily double” the number of players the previous game Gears of War 4 saw in the same time period in 2016, are playing Gears 5, making it the most played Xbox Game Studios title since 2012’s Halo 4. Also, Gears 5 has nearly tripled the performance of Gears of War 4 on PC.

Which is to be expected given how well the marketing has been. I see Gears 5 everywhere but including the game on Xbox Game Pass is a smart tactic to sign people up and get them playing your games. Even more so, those who signed up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate played the game earlier on September 6, with the official date following on September 10. Of course, the price point of Game Pass is a sure way to get more people signing up when comparing to a full-priced game at $90 CAD, the benefits of Game Pass are clear when looking at both sides.

I’m all for seeing the continued evolution of the Xbox brand. This generation hasn’t been kind to them, but it is nice to see the turnaround as the generation winds down. Xbox Game Pass is the type of service I’ve always wanted and I’m playing games I would otherwise pass on or even never know of their existence. Thankfully, more and more games are being added all the time, which tells you how important the service is to Xbox and to gamers.