Gear Up With The Best Tech As Your Kids Head Back To School

Where has the summer gone? it was only yesterday that the World Cup started, and now it’s not only over, but France won it all. While we might have to wait another four years until the new World Cup, we only have another month before the kids are done their summer break and are ready to head back to school for another year of learning. Times are changing, as when I went to school, it was more about pens and paper and less about cool technology that made learning fun!

Companies like Best Buy usually have the best deals on back to school gear, I remember grabbing a desktop with Logitech speakers years ago that were a steal at the time, and to this day, the speakers still work like new! Of course, things have changed in the ten years since then, but the items you can buy today are as timeless as ever.


Of note, is the JanSport Right Pack Digital Edition 15″ Backpack ($79.99) – I had a JanSport growing up and it is still classic and iconic as ever, which can help your kids whether they use the bag for school or everything else.


Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3″ 128GB Windows 10 Pro Tablet ($1,299.99) – I had the chance to tinker around with a Surface Pro years ago, and I absolutely fell in love with the series of tablets. Over the years, Microsoft has improved every facet of the design, and reading the latest news about the Surface series puts a smile on my face, Microsoft listens to feedback and improves every iteration.


The HP ENVY 15.6″ Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop ($1,099.99) is a chic laptop that combines productivity with portability. With 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8250U quad-core processor and 8GB RAM, a 256 GB SSD, with a WLED backlit multitouch-enabled screen. HP has knocked it out of the park with its design for the Envy.


Where was this thing when I needed it? IRISNotes Air 3 Smart Digital Pen ($199.99) – I prefer taking notes by hand, and to this day still, do! I can’t get into the rhythm of typing my notes out while paying attention. Instead, pen and paper are the tools I’ve used for so long, that was until this came across my mailbox. The Digital Pen sends all your notes to your device, whether it is an iOS or Android phone.


Are you a college student with too much on their plate? This one might interest you then because it sure is whetting my appetite. T-Fal Optigrill+ Non-Stick Smart Grill with Bluetooth ($180.00) – with Bluetooth connectivity, you can do your homework and let the Smart Grill do its work, while you monitor it from your device. You can set its doneness levels and have it alert you to when your food is ready!


As I’m drinking my cold black coffee and typing this out, the Norpro Cup Warmer ($29.99is exactly something I see myself owning. More times than I want to mention, I let my coffee get ice cold before I finish it, and never enjoy a cup of coffee the way it was intended to be enjoyed. The Cup Warmer at least prolongs the life of a cup of coffee, which I am here for.


This one is for parents, and I know mine would absolutely enjoy never having to fumble for keys or dealing with trying to open the door with groceries. The Nest x Yale Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Nest Connect ($359.99) – Keyless entry, remote access via Wi-Fi, one-touch locking, and complete compatibility with Nest, this is what the future looks like.


Depending on who you ask, negative ions are either hodgepodge or the solution to life. Okay not really, but this Sharper Image Himalayan Salt Desk Lamp ($29.99) is exactly what I want on my desk, I used to have something similar but it was damaged. You feel better having one around you, and it’s all about negative ions that help neutralize and remove positive-charged ions and bad odors from the air.


If you prefer to work at a desk like I do than this Targus Mouse Pad Lap Desk ($34.99) is perfect for you. Sometimes, I might not be at home, but I can see myself using this on the go. It’ll help keep my posture in check, too.

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I’m all about ambiance and setting the mood. At my house, there are candles all over and in my room, I have LED light strips all around my television. With Philips Hue 2m (6.5 ft.) LED Lightstrip Plus ($109.99), the ante is a bit higher than what I’m using – this one offers 16 million colours to play around with, and allows you to use your smartphone to control it.

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Lastly, as many of my friends are now having children, and some even making their way to school finally, I remember having something like this as a kid growing up, except it wasn’t Android and as cool as the LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition Android Tablet ($159.99) – the tablet allows kids to learn, play, and create with LeapFrog. There are 20 educational games to play with your kids and a web browser that allows kids to be safe on the internet.

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Microsoft is also doing some big things for back to school – did you know that the Surface Laptop ($1069.00) has the best of Microsoft included on it, namely Windows 10 and Microsoft Office? Not only that, but the Surface Laptop has a whopping 14.5-hour battery life, and is powered by Intel with Dolby Audio Premium sound.

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The Surface Go ($529.00) has been a huge hit for Microsoft, it does so much and it won’t break the bank if you purchase it. With a battery life of 9 hours, you can take it to school and back, and comes with a multi-position kickstand and keyboard. There’s even a Surface Pen and Type Cover. It really is the best of Microsoft!