Gear Club Unlimited 2 Introduces Performance Shop

Launching exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on December 4, 2018,  Gear.Club Unlimited 2 is in the news today to showcase the Performance Shop’s new features.

First off, the Garage is fully personalized and allows players to upgrade and customize their vehicles. This is the type of gameplay I spend getting lost in and seeing it in action on the Nintendo Switch is neat.

In Gear.Club Unlimited 2,

  • Mechanical Workshop: modify engines and gearboxes to make cars more powerful
  • Body Workshop: reduce the weight of cars to make them faster
  • Wind Tunnel: improve car aerodynamics
  • Tires Workshop: change brakes and tires to improve grip
  • Graphic Workshop: change colors and apply stickers to cars to make them unique
  • Cosmetic Workshop: customize cars, from the hood to the spoiler!
  • Rally Workshop: modify cars to compete on sand tracks in rally mode

Your decisions make up the performance of the car. Modifying your cars lead to better competition and knowing what the perfect balance is between a car that is too light or too heavy, makes all the difference. The right tire makes all the difference – driving on stock tires does the job, but finding low-profile rubbers help achieve first place.

I’m excited the Switch is getting a sequel, I love racing games so if I can fit a title onto my card, I’m purchasing it.