Gearbox Lost Boys

Gearbox Entertainment Acquires Lost Boys

Hot off the success of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which is not a Borderlands game… well, not exactly a Borderlands game, Gearboxrappears to be keeping their gears in motion.

Today, the Frisco, Texas-based entertainment consortium is announcing that it’s fully acquiring the young, highly-accomplished support studio Lost Boys Interactive.

The remote-first studio of over 220 staff members has some truly colossal talent behind it and has aided in getting some monolithic titles to the finish line, including Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

The full team at Lost Boys will switch over to being a paid part of Gearbox now, with the new managing studio committing to helping Lost Boys grow to a staff of 350 people by 2024.

The deal has been brokered in order to better retain the absolute focus of the Lost Boys’ team to focus on future Gearbox properties.

Lost Boys has already shown they can play well with Gearbox. Thus, Gearbox CEO and Founder Randy Pitchford believe it important to strengthen the partnership. “Lost Boys is an incredible studio with industry-leading talent that continues to push the bar higher for what gamers expect from their favourite franchises… I am excited for Chase, Rod, Shaun, Mark and my old friend Tim, along with all of the incredible talent at Lost Boys, to have an immediate and positive impact on the games secretly in development at Gearbox Software. I am also eager to empower this amazing team to provide their world-class development services to partners and allies throughout the larger game industry.”

Today’s announcement is not only a big with for Lost Boys and Gearbox but also for Gearbox’s own managing company, The Embracer Group, which also runs a number of those partners and allies Pitchford mentions. 

CEO and co-founder of Lost Boys, Shaun Nivens, seems to think the excitement is mutual. “We founded Lost Boys with a dream to work on products that would be globally recognized and loved… We’re incredibly excited to join Gearbox and continue doing what we do best – making amazing games that entertain and inspire others.”