GE Cync Reveal HD+

GE Has a New Way To Customize Your Cabinets With its Cync Reveal Fixtures

The price is reasonable, and there are a number of options to chose form

If you’ve ever considered having some slick colour customized lighting in your home, you know there are many smart home products out there for numerous companies.

Many of these options are tailored to a gaming or entertainment space. And while GE’s Cync Reveal HD+ options can be used that way, they’re pushing for these to become a unique and new way to make your cabinets and kitchen look and feel like something you’ve never seen.

According to GE, “The all-new Cync Reveal HD+ Full Color Undercabinet Fixtures and Pucks are the first and only full color and edge-lit smart undercabinet lights available in the North American market.”


Regardless of what room you use them in, the new line can connect 10 fixtures. As you can see from the photo above, it’s not just about creating a more vibrant or colourful experience; the Cync Reveal has a wide range of whites as well, giving you that chance to match up with the rest of your home lighting.

Each can be plugged in or hardwired to the electrical in your home, condo, or apartment. Pucks (or small round lights) will also be available in case a slim rectangular-shaped bar does not work or fit in your particular space.

Each light will be able to be Matter compatible as well. For those who don’t know, Matter is a universal “language” for various smart home products to communicate with each other, regardless of the manufacturer. It’s not a perfect solution just yet, but more and more items at CES have shown it’s becoming more popular.

If you’re interested in the Cync Reveal HD+ Full Color Undercabinet Fixtures and Pucks, they’re available for $60 USD.