Gavin Moore

Gavin Moore Has Left Japan Studio

There is a mass exodus at SIE Japan, better known as Japan Studio and the ongoing restructuring is bleeding talent. In February, after a wave of rumours hit the internet, Sony confirmed that their Japan branch would re-organize.

Over the last several months Masami Yamamoto, Masaaki Yamagiwa, Keiichiro Toyama, Junya Okura, and Kazunobu Sato have all left the company, splintering off into new studios or moving onto other projects. Kentaro Motmura and Gravity Rush Character Designer Shunsuke Saito confirmed this week that they left, for new endeavours.

Now, it seems like Gavin Moore has left Japan Studio, after having worked on a number of games over the last 24 years with the company. Most recently, Moore served as Creative Director on Demon’s Souls remake, which has been a colossal success for Sony.

“After 24 years at Sony and 18 of those in Japan, yesterday was my last day at [Sony Japan Studio],” said Moore on Twitter. “I will miss the great creative spirit and camaraderie of the studio that was a huge part of my life. Time to seek out new and exciting opportunities!!”

With so many creatives leaving Sony’s Japan Studio, it truly is the end of an era. Throughout the last three decades, we’ve all experienced and played a game from the studio and seeing the team fizzle out like this is tough to witness. Moore has worked on some of my favourite games from the studio, including Puppeteer and The Getaway.