Gargoyles Remastered

Gargoyles Remastered Is Soaring To Consoles And PC On October 19

It’s about a year since we last heard the announcement of Gargoyles Remastered, and we finally got a date as publisher Disney Games and developer Empty Clip Studios have announced that the classic retro game will return on PC and modern consoles on October 19th, according to Gematsu.

Players who played the originals or those who plan on picking up the revitalized version of the classic game will be able to relive the epic journey of Goliath and the Gargoyles alongside remastered features, including enhanced visuals, animations, soundtrack and SFX, all inspired by the acclaimed animated series. Some other more modern features that also come packed in Gargoyles Remastered include instant rewind, wide-screen presentation, and, of course achievements.

For those nostalgic for the original, players will be able to switch between the game’s classic 16-but look and the remastered version at the touch of a button as you play as Goliath, leader of the Gargoyles. The game will see players save the world from certain destruction by battling against the evil Eye of Odin. Along the way, the gameplay will allow players to use powerful strength to defeat enemies, using the Gargoyles’ sharp claws to climb towers and buildings, and glide through the air while learning mid-air combat,

Gargoyles Remastered is being handled by Empty Clip Studio, which may or may not be a name players recognize, but you may recognize the games they’ve worked on, like A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV, NHL 94 Rewind, and Streets of Kamurocho; to name a few. Some of those games show that this remastered version is in good hands, as the studio knows a thing or two about retro pixellated games.

Gargoyles Remastered will launch on October 19th on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch; for those on PS5 and Xbox Series, this version will be backwards compatible like most previous-gen titles on both platforms.