Your Gaming Checklist To Survive A Marathon – Win A Prize Pack From Duracell!

Xbox OneX

E3 is in full swing and we’re now in the period between announcements and release date. What I mean with that is with all these companies revealing their portfolios for the next few years – it’s up to you now to focus on titles that caught your eye, and games that have us excited for the future of the industry.

This year alone we’ve seen the introduction of Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One X, a new Forza title, a new Assassin’s Creed, a new God of War, a new Metroid Prime, and a new core Mario title. Each platform has their exclusives, and this year I’m excited we saw more God of War, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Anthem, three titles I’m ecstatic to bring home.

Other titles like the new Call of Duty: WWII, Destiny 2, and Monster Hunter World will bring a ton of value and entertainment to your house. These multiplayer games will likely end up consuming a lot of your time – Destiny 2 alone has hours upon hours of content that will keep you busy.

That’s why we’re here to prepare you for launch day! We’re compiling a checklist for you for when the hottest titles drop within the next year – we need to look out for each other, right?

So, Call of Duty: WWII is launching, you’ve booked a few days off to do nothing but play with your friends and with the people around the world; you’ll need some things to get ready!

We’re partnering with Duracell to put together this list of things to do when you’re attempting a gaming marathon – it’s better to be prepared and ready for the next 24 hours than to dive in and hope to last the entire thing without preparation. As Duracell is a brand that has powered many devices for my family over the years, it’s a perfect match we’re working with them on this!


First: You can’t stay up if you haven’t prepared for the next 24 hours, to kick things off be prepared to get enough sleep so your motor functions and mental strength can last the length of the marathon. This is necessary to keep a level head when you’re running a Deathmatch or Domination.

Second: Stay hydrated – drink lots of water, brew a pot of coffee, for each cup of coffee, drink two cups of water. Avoid energy drinks, these “energy boosters” can be harmful and drinking an excessive amount of them may lead to health issues.

Third: Batteries! Make sure you’ve got enough for any devices that will need batteries, your Xbox One controller could potentially give out at a crucial moment, costing your team the match. Duracell’s batteries have been tried tested, we’ve had the best experience with our wireless controllers and remotes for a handful of devices. Keep a couple spare in case you need them, keep them close!

Fourth: Take breaks! You’re taking part of a gaming marathon but that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to sprint the entire time; instead, take a break every couple hours and stretch, walk around the house or the block. Do not forget to take a bathroom break!

Fifth: If you’re participating in a marathon that includes others, make sure they’re going to be team players, soloing missions can be fun and more difficult than playing with others, but being a team player will likely benefit you the best. Be civil and respectful of other players, and if you’re feeling like this isn’t working and the situation gets stressful; simply back out and try with another team.

Sixth: If you’re going to do this, get those friends and followers of yours to join you for support! You’ll hit times when you can’t keep your eyes open, it’ll hurt to look at the screen, and it’s going to suck. Luckily, you’re streaming and your friends are cheering you on, motivating you to get over that hump that’s holding you back.

Now for the exciting part! We want to reward you and to do so, you need to have your own gaming marathon this week. All you need to do is share your proof with us with the hashtag #DuracellPowerUp and #TrustIsPower on Twitter by tagging @ConsoleCreature. You have 48 hours to log the highest number of, and if you’re playing a game without an in-game counter, prove it creatively.