GameTrailers Shuts Down


Iconic website GameTrailers closed up shop today according to multiple social media postings this afternoon.

Brandon Jones, the editor-in-chief of GameTrailers tweeted this:

GameTrailers was purchased in 2014 by Defy Media and rather hastily began imposing layoffs which continued into last year.

GameTrailers launched more than a decade ago in 2002 and was a hotbed for gamers looking for video content before YouTube came onto the scene and began competing for the attention of gamers.

We wish the best to everyone who has been affected by this and hope to see a positive resolution for great staff at GameTrailers.


EDIT – A post over at NeoGAF from Ben Moore, formerly of GameTrailers posted this:

Hi everyone, Ben here. I just wanted to confirm that GameTrailers is shutting down officially today. Everyone is being let go. We all found out mere hours ago, so we’re still reeling a bit. Sincerely, thank you all for the tremendous support.

Hopefully we’ll get more information in regards to the entire situation.



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