Gamescom 2021 Runs Through August 25 to August 27

Gamescom, the largest European industry show returns this year with an all-digital format that’s set to kick off this August. Covid-19 is still an ongoing issue around the world and while more people are now vaccinated, the numbers are still high in certain parts of the world. Thankfully, we’re getting a digital version of Gamescom and it begins on August 25, 2021.

It’s hard to not wish for an in-person event to celebrate the industry but this is the best alternative. Xbox, Bethesda, EA and more. The event is completely free and includes gamescom: Opening Night Live, gamescom studio and gamescom: Awesome Indies. I’m looking forward to seeing what the conference has in store for us this year as last year’s event came in clutch when we needed something to lift our spirits.

On Wednesday, August 25, Geoff Keighley returns to once again deliver an excellent show full of announcements and world premieres. This is easily one of the most exciting parts of the conference for me and I’m looking forward to it! Here’s a highlight from last year’s show with Geoff:

Some of the partners we’ll be seeing on August 26, include 505 Games, Bandai Namco, Headup, Koch Media, Sega, Team17, Thunderful Games, Wargaming and more.

As for what we should expect to see, it’s still up in the air and a mystery to me. We really don’t know what these companies are bringing to the event. Will Xbox show more Halo Infinite or something from Bethesda? I’d wager we’ll see Forza Horizon 5, which is out in a few months. I don’t believe we’ll see Starfield or Elder Scrolls but I won’t be surprised to see Redfall.

EA has a few titles in the works, including the recently announced Dead Space remake, a new FIFA, Apex Legends updates and more. Bandai Namco is launching Tales of Arise this September, and we know Elden Ring launches early next year. We also know The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes lands this October.