Gamer Hibernation: We Unbox the Febrezatron 2000


Welcome to Episode two of our Gamer Hibernation series with Rainbow Sun Francks.

This week, Rainbow trudges through the frozen tundra that is any Canadian’s backyard for a very special gamer’s favourite –the Un-boxing video.

Ladies and gents, we unbox the Febrezatron 2000. Your ultimate gadget for keeping those gaming marathons smelling fresh and clean.

Check out the Indoorsmen Len and Herb with the Febrezatron 2000

About our Gamer Hibernation Series

With winter now at your door and the latest games in hand, a winter-long gaming session has never been more important. Gang, gaming marathon season is here.

Whether you’re playing on your own or with friends, we must take pride in the physical and virtual spaces we’ve set up, and should always seek and share solutions to enhance our experience.

Gaming has become something more. Our ‘game time’ has become even more precious.

We’re now video editors that record and publish our gameplay, we run game blogs, we have YouTube channels and we’ve become Live Stream personalities on Twitch.

Here at Console Creatures, our celeb host Rainbow Sun Francks and the CC team have joined forces with Febreze, Swiffer and Tide to help out during this winter hibernation period.

So join the Indoorsmen along with Rainbow Sun Francks and the Console Creatures as we provide some fun, helpful tips for gamers on surviving the great Indoors this winter…one funny video at a time.

Join the conversation, have fun and possibly win some prize packs!


Former Producer/On-air Co-star for the Ed the Sock Show (G4, City-TV, MuchMusic)

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