Game Devs of Color Expo

Game Devs Of Color Expo Announces Second Round Of Speakers

The 2022 edition of the Game Devs of Color Expo happening in New York September 15th-18th has just given us a look at the second round of speakers, and there are some big titles represented by a diverse cast of creatives.

As with previous years’ expos, the main objective is to inspire and inform those from equity deserving groups in all the various forms of game development from storyboarding to shipping. This year’s list certainly covers the whole spectrum as it involves:

  • Michelle Ma (Blizzard Entertainment) – “Inclusive Character Creator: An Exploration of Inclusive Design Principles for Character Creators”
  • Shana T. Bryant (Oculus) – “New Game+: Directing People, Not Products”
  • Ruel Pascual (Night School Studio) – “Characters Not Clichés”
  • Marcela Huerta (KO_OP) – “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing But I’m Doing a Lot”
  • Anthony Murray (Phoenix Labs) – “The Boss Monster Pipeline: Developing Fun F2P Encounters”
  • Jasmine Roberts (Microsoft) – Handheld Mobile AR Interaction Design and Future Considerations
  • Dani Dee (Split Fate Studios), Dani Lalonders (Veritable Joy Studios), Geneva Heyward (Glow Up Games) – Panel: “Black Narradevs: Exploring Relationships In A World of Our Own”

The full list of speakers can be found at

Tickets are now available for Game Devs of Color 2022