Galarian Ponyta Revealed During Live Stream

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s 24-hour broadcast over on Twitch held the attention of thousands of viewers. During the live stream, viewers caught a glimpse of Pikachu, Cottontee, Phantumo, Swirlix to name a few, and you could even hear the cries of other Pokémon in the background.

Viewers watched as the Glimwood Tangle built hype for a new reveal and thankfully, those who stuck around were able to see a new Galar-region exclusive Pokémon. 

So what was it? A new form of Ponyta! And if I do say so, a majestic and beautiful form that I’m excited about.

The Galarian Ponyta is basically a unicorn at this point with its rainbow mane and horn, that tail is even better and it is extremely cute, full of colour and warmth. I wonder what other Galarian forms of Pokémon we’ll find over the next month or so.