Fun Games To Relax During The Holiday

Christmas is for family time. However, with lockdown and self-isolation restrictions, chances are that this year Christmas will be all about Zooming time. We’ll all be running a tight Zooming schedule during the festive season to stay in touch with our loved ones. For enthusiastic gamers, it means that you need to be careful about starting your next big quest on the remastered Skyrim version for PS4. You won’t have time to lose yourself in a long and immersive story. Instead, you may want to focus on games that keep the entertainment short and sweet. Here are quick and easy games that can kill a few minutes without interfering with your tight Zoom schedule.

Be the last survivor in Fortnite

Fortnite: Battle Royale doesn’t last more than 20 minutes. However, the multiplayer platform tends to eliminate most players very early during each game/ if you’ve only got a few minutes, you could still play, as only the winner manages to last for the whole duration. It can be frustrating to start a battle royale only to discover that your character gets eliminated within the first stage of the game. But there are some ways to make battle royale entertaining, even if you’re short on time. First of all, you can pick your character. Did you know that you could play with one of your favourite characters from another game, such as using God of War‘s Kratos to win Fortnite? Ideally, you want to avoid the chat with other players, as this could cost you valuable playing time!

Build your luck

Could you make a few hundred dollars in 20 minutes? It could seem like an odd idea, but if you’re familiar with gambling online games such as Dominoqq, you can set yourself a playing budget. There may not be a big win, but small gains are also nice! Besides, it’s a fun way of making your clicks productive. You only need to keep a tight schedule and budget to avoid any issues.

Become an imposter

Among Us has been a hit as soon as it was released in 2018. The smart multiplayer game combines manipulation, public chat, and puzzle skills. But more importantly, it’s a great concept that forces you to always question what you know and see. The mobile versions are free and regularly updated, which makes them nice and fun app games to play. There’s also something deeply satisfying about throwing suspicions onto someone else and blaming your crewmates’ deaths on suspicious members. Not quite the spirit of Christmas, but it certainly keeps your mind alert and releases tensions!

Learn a new language 

Some games are created with gamification and learning processes in mind. Eggbun, a free language app, for instance, that makes Korean accessible. You get to chat with the AI, Lanny (represented by a bun topped with a small cooked egg) as you learn some basic words and letters. Lanny keeps a conversational approach while letting you explore and choose your path. It isn’t quite as playful as a typical video game, but it’s more intuitive and engaging than other learning apps. Besides, who wouldn’t want to talk with a chatbot?

In short, if you’ve got only a few minutes between family Zoom calls this Christmas, you can pick a quick but rewarding game. From learning new words to the thrill of a battle in a multiplayer world, there’s no reason for short gaming experiences to be any less fun than your typical video game.