Frostbite’s New Hair Engine Includes Lustrous Locks

Okay, not necessarily lustrous locks but the new hair engine using Frostbite from Electronic Arts is certainly something to look at. Over the last few years, developers have tried to push the boundaries of photorealism and only a few have been able to do just that.

“Our purpose is to produce a step change in real-time hair and reach results close to movie and offline rendering. Starting last year, a small group of frostbite physics and rendering engineers have been working on pushing this technology forward, and, while we still have quite a lot of work ahead of us, we’re proud of what we achieved. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a few amazing Criterion content creators whose assets and constant feedback drove us forward.”

The next generation of consoles will be the most advanced yet, and over the last five years, we’ve seen graphics improve by leaps and bounds. With the next-gen, we’re looking at console makers and how they plan to make things, even more, real – by improving the smaller details and thus, more realistic.

Read more about the new engine over at EA.