Developer Frogwares Is Now The Sole Publisher Of The Sinking City Following Legal Disputes With Nacon

Plans to re-release the game's pulled PC version alongside updates and bug fixes on storefronts in "a few weeks”

Developer Frogwares has announced in a Twitter post that it is the sole publisher and IP owner of its 2019 horror game, The Sinking City. As a part of the announcement, The Sinking City will re-release the previously pulled PC version on Steam, Epic Games, GOG, and Gamesplanet in the following “few weeks,” which will come with all new updates.

According to Game Rant, the news comes after years of legal disputes with the game’s former PC publisher, Nacon, after a breach in contract following Frogwares’ accusation of Nacon allegedly pirating The Sinking City to Steam, which the developer DMCA-ed the game listing and holding off the developer’s payments for their game. This led to a series of events that led the developer to be unable to provide updates to the game, meaning players could not play the game without general support like bug fixes and optimization to the game, which was later pulled from platforms in August 2020.

The 2024 post sounds like all the legality in the news more than the actual game, which Frogwares says they are “happy to put this whole thing behind us finally.” As they go forward, for players who previously bought The Sinking City, the upcoming updates to the PC version will result in old saves not working in the new version but warning players that they can continue playing their current playthrough for a limited time.

“Due to a number of technical reasons, your old saves won’t be compatible with the new version. Don’t worry, though; when you launch the game, you will have the option to keep playing the old version if you want to finish it,” We’re keeping the old version only for a limited time. Please consider finishing your playthrough before February 28, 2024,” Frogwares said in a statement.

As for the future of The Sinking City, not much was announced on that front, but Frogwares added they are looking “forward to sharing more news about the future of the franchise very soon.” The wording hints that the developer has more in store for The Sinking City “franchise,” be it more possible Merciful Madness-like DLC releases or maybe even a sequel/spinoff possibly into work. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see what’s coming.