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Friday The 13th: The Game Finally Gets A Release Date

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Publisher Gun Media is bringing one of horror’s major icons to console and PC on May 26th. Friday The 13th: The Game is based on the long running franchise of slasher films and will rely heavily on a hide-and-seek mechanic system.

When the game launches at the end of May it will be strictly online multiplayer only, with plans on patching in single player later in the summer. The multiplayer component will consist of the playing taking on the role of either Jason Voorhees or one of the campers he is intent on killing.

Friday The 13th: The Game was originally supposed to be released late last year but was delayed due to numerous reasons, one of which was getting it through various ratings boards due to how absolutely brutal the game is.

The game will initially release digitally May 26th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $40 USD but the publishers have stated that a retail edition is in the works and may be something that happens down the road.