Freedom Games Reveals Action RPG Arto

Freedom Games has announced it is working on bringing Orion GamesArto to Steam.

The hack-and-slash action RPG is set in a desolate and desaturated world that needs your help to bring it back to life. Arto is inspired by Hades and Hyper Light Drifter, and you can see the tribute based on the open world, the fast-paced gameplay, and the focus on exploration.

Playing as Liv, you’ll work to restore colour to her world and do so by exploring six biomes, wielding five different weapons and using the Paint Arrow that can use over 80 spells. Liv also has customizable abilities, weapon skills, and upgrades.

According to the developers, ‘colour is life,’ and exploration is not rewarding with just currency but also quiet moments like birds returning to their nests, small creatures coming out of hiding and more.

By finding the Oeuvres, carefully guarded relics by Arto’s Apostle, you are free to deal with them how you like. The developers tease multiple ways to deal with these characters.

A Kickstarter for Arto indicates that it is launching on PC first with plans for Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox ports down the line. It will be coming to PC storefronts on May 1, 2023.