Free Inkbound Update ‘Starship of Terrors’ Adds New Class, World, and Challenges

Available now, and at a discount on Steam

The turn-based, rougelike game Inkbound is getting its first major update. From the creators of Monster Train, a game I played hours of back in 2021; Inkbound is currently in Early Access on Steam, with Starship of Terrors releasing for free.

Players can dive into runs either solo or with friends as one of six classes, each with unique abilities and the ultimate goal of restoring balance to a world where stories come to life.

With a flashy and cartoonish art style, Inkbound lets you dive into turn-based battles and runs to unlock more areas, weapons, upgrades, and more. In this update, indie developer Shiny Shoe is bringing in a new class called the Star Captain, “a Frostbite and teamplay focused aspect.”

They’re also adding a new world to explore, and daily challenges where your scores and times will be stacked up against others online. On top of that, a Victory Board has been added, “While some of the objectives are more straightforward, some are a lot trickier, like “Win a Run without equipping a Vestige.” We migrated the prior Villain kill and ranked run completion tracking into Victory Board objectives.

The item and boosts will also be expanded with Trinkets. At a glance, the trailer shows items like the Marauder’s Tools, a trinket that gives you a 25% chance to gain a Glyph when you defeat an enemy. This is likely add some depth to your loadouts and runs, something dungeon diving and rouge games thrive on.

Inkbound and the Starship of Terrors update are available right now on Steam.