Microsoft Flight Simulator Dune
An Ornithopter from Dune hovers over a desert

Free Dune Expansion Comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is likely the closest we will get to realistic flying.

And once again, it’s now the closest we can get to actual fantasy flying.

That’s right! Move over D77-TC Pelican from Halo because even though you’ve got a second season of your show coming out, now is the time — again — of Dune and its House Atreides.

The ability to fly the Royal Atreides Ornithopter over the deserts and through the canyons of the planet of Arrakis was floated to us almost a year ago during an Xbox Showcase, it’s finally flapping its way onto Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass today!

The new update — titled Dune — gives players complete control of a fully-detailed, dragonfly-inspired aircraft. Pilots can take their Ornithopter through a fully-realized Arrakis map that marks a first non-real-world locale for the long-running simulator series.

You’ll get control of your four wings through three tutorial missions and six activities, including time trials and a daring rescue mission to save your flight instructor before a massive sandstorm hits!


Microsoft Flight Simulator isn’t the only Xbox entity to get the Dune treatment! The Xbox Series S is getting a brand new custom with its own Ornithopter system base and Xbox’s first floating Xbox Wireless Controller. And you could win it all for yourself by following along on Twitter.


Dune: Part Two is out March 1, 2024.