Four Years Later, A New Look At Final Fantasy VII Remake

The last time we saw anything regarding what is my most anticipated remake of one of my favourite games of all time, was back in 2015. Sony and Square Enix teased something Final Fantasy VII related earlier this week with the official Final Fantasy Twitter account posting a picture of Cloud on a Chocobo farm.

Screenshot 2019 05 09 Final Fantasy VII Remake State of Play 2019 Trailer More to come in June

Today, the last reveal during Sony’s State of Play featured an entirely new trailer based on the Final Fantasy VII Remake and boy does it look good. Sure, its similar to what we last saw four years ago but there are definitely changes – namely the UI is sleeker and characters look better.

In the tweet below, director Tetsuya Nomura released a small note, basically telling us to tune into E3 next month, with more information coming then.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Yoshinori Kitase simply apologized for the wait, one that Nomura agrees with as the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcment was premature.

Here’s the trailer from PlayStation Experience 2015:

What do you think?