Phil Spencer Says Four Xbox Studios Titles Are Coming To Other Console Platforms, Doesn’t Name Them

But They're Not Starfiled or Indiana Jones

It’s Xbox Business Update day. Xbox hosted a podcast discussion with host Tina Amini, joined by Xbox’s leadership, Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty, to discuss the platform’s future. Phil acknowledged the elephant in the room, revealing that the team plans to bring four titles from the Xbox Games Studios catalogue to other consoles.

The actual games in question were not actually announced, as Spencer says the announcement is already planned to be revealed sometime “soon” but quickly denies that these games are neither Starfield nor Indian Jones: The Great Circle. However, Spencer adds that these unannounced games are all over a year old, two of which are community-focused titles, with the rest being smaller titles. The move is focused on the long-term health of focus as the team at Xbox, so the decision to bring these games to other consoles is to help grow the community player base into something more with more support investment and possible sequels being the hope.

“Two of the other games are smaller games that were never really meant to be built as platform exclusives and all the fanfare that goes around that, but games that our teams wanted to go build that we love supporting creative endeavours across our studios regardless of size. And as they’ve realized their full potential on Xbox and PC, we see an opportunity to utilize the other platforms as a place to just drive more business value out of those games, allowing us to invest in maybe future iterations of those, so equals to those, or just other games like that in our portfolio,” Spencer explained.

If you’ve been paying attention to the rumours, then it’s pretty apparent that games will be Hi-Fi-Rush, Sea of Thieves, and Pentiment are coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles. The last one is a wild card, but if it’s community-focused like Sea of Thieves and is not a major Xbox multiplayer IP like Halo, then the last one, being Grounded, makes a lot of sense. The actual announcement is unknown, but this month’s unannounced Partner-focused Nintendo Direct seems to be expected.