Fossil Hunters Launches On PC February 13

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Local studio Reptoid Games has a new title coming out in a few weeks in case you didn’t know. The winners of Ubisoft’s Indie Series award, the Toronto studio beat out tough competition to win $50,000 in funding, as well as a mentorship from Ubisoft’s best to help bring their dream to life. This past summer, they also completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to the tune of over $36,000 to help finalize this game.

Since then, the team has been hard at work getting Fossil Hunters ready for release for PC, with consoles to follow later on. As a firm supporter of local talent, we are ecstatic to assist however possible, so please take a few minutes to check out their trailer – linked above for convenience!

Fossil Hunters puts you in the shoes of, well a fossil hunter, who travels to a remote and mysterious dig site. From here, you’re left to find and create your own dinosaurs, all the while avoiding monsters, traps, and cave-ins. Choosing from one of four characters, you can also play with up to three friends in local co-op, explore 30 levels with new fossils, secrets, and power-ups to discover.

Sounds like there is quite a bit to do, so you’ll likely be digging up fossils for quite some time!

Fossil Hunters launches on PC February 13, with consoles getting the game at a later date.


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