Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport Launches on October 10th

We felt that Forza Motorsport was coming this year, but Microsoft has confirmed at the Xbox Games Showcase that its next Forza game will launch on PC and Xbox Series this October.

Later this year, players will be able to out-build the competition in the all-new career with about 500+ cars to choose from while racing on world-famous tracks with cutting-edge AI and advanced physics. Forza Motorsport launches with 20 completely rebuilt tracks with multiple layouts and five never before seen tracks in a Motorsport game. These tracks all include dynamic time-of-day weather, living crowds, and tracks that react to temperature changes.

Forza Motorsport is set to launch on PC and Xbox Series X|S on October 10th, which as always, will be available day and date on Game Pass.